My name is Alesia Issa.
I am a Painter, Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Teacher, Art critic and continually evaluating person.
As I remember myself, Art was always my real passion – I Was painting a lot since I was a child.
As I was growing I decided to became a professional artist – and went to study Oil Painting in Belarus State Academy of Arts. After 10 years of professional «art career” I can say that I have a wide range of technics and approaches of work, but I am still studying – as I said before I am eager person and I like to go deeper and deeper in all I am interested in. During my work initiallyI always look within myself for new styles and try not to stick to any particular style. However, I have high ideals, real masters, whose works are inspiring me — Renaissance artists, Pre-Raphaelites, French impressionists, symbolists, and many others.
So here is my short story and some of my works.
All my works are based on inspiration, my senses and impressions — I do what touches and excites me, my art as a tool, a channel, which helps me to unfold these subtle no-nverbal thoughts-emotions-insights, which fills my inner space, my heart and soul.
At the same time I am trying to go deeper in my personality, to understand – who am I, what I am doing here and how I can use my lifetime in the best way. That’s why since 2010, I am practicing yoga, meditation and various Oriental psychophysiological techniques — philosophy, psychology, theology, health, fitness. One more inspirational field for me are myths and legends, archytypes of world historical heritage. It is also a great source of new ideas and insights for my creative work.
As a result, many ideas, feelings and inspirations are sourced from the holistic world view of the 'East', balanced out with my 'Western' life style and surroundings. As a person I am trying to combine, to mix all the best of those 2 pretty different ways of living and thinking in my life and my artistic expression. Summarizing all that I can say that in my pictures you can see my life - physical (especially in my realistic paintings) and inner, subtle one.
Going back to my studying background – I’ve graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts with a degree in Oil Painting and a master's degree in Art History. This is the biggest and one of the oldest educational institute in Belarus. It has strong traditions and many of professors, who teach there are real world known masters in different fields of fine arts.